Three Cheers for Clean Energy Beers!

By August 8, 2017CleanTX Events

We had a great turn out last night at our monthly Clean Energy Beers (CEB) happy hour social. Thanks to all who made it out! This event is great in that it brings together people from all over the clean tech industry to relax and chat over a beer. From CEO’s to undergraduate students, CEB succeeds in bringing people together to share two common interests, clean energy and great beer!

What I love about CEB is the range of conversations I’ll have with new people I meet at this event. For example, my conversation with Joseph Kopser (who is running for congress by the way), about the importance of community involvement in local government and how this directly affects energy policy and the clean tech industry. Also my conversation with David Cox and Mike Yore from Go Big Solar on ways to connect cooperatives and nonprofits in Austin so they can together lease solar energy and share energy savings.

Meeting new fellow clean tech enthusiasts, having interesting discussions on ways to propel the clean tech industry, eating great food and drinking great beer all made for a fantastic evening. Looking forward to seeing you all out there next time for our next Clean Energy Beers event in October!