CleanTX + Nissan present 1st EV group-buy in Texas

nissan leaf discount electri car group buy presented by cleantx in texas

The electric vehicle (EV) group-buy is a relatively new concept, one that has only taken place in a handful of locations around the nation. CleanTX took notice and decided to help pave the way for mass adoption of EVs. The group-buy is founded on the principle that a major discount will encourage consumers to 1) look into an EV when he or she never has before and 2) switch to an EV from a gasoline vehicle, while remaining on a budget. Instead of second-guessing an EV purchase, this major discount through the group-buy will make you second guess a purchase of a gasoline vehicle, and will even make you second guess the economics of keeping your gasoline vehicle. The time is now; swap that outdated gasoline vehicle for an EV and go electric.

For the month of November, CleanTX has partnered with Town North Nissan to bring Central Texans the first EV Group-Buy in Texas. During the month of November, the consumer will win. Take advantage of the group-buy discount and receive $8,500 off the price of any LEAF model, in addition to the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit. Get a LEAF for as low as $16,000! For those interested in leasing a car, you can sign a new lease in the month of November for as low as $199 per month.

Love the concept and price but how does charging work? 

Just like a gasoline vehicle, EVs can charge on-the-go. With an EV, charging is also possible to do at home. During the month of November, Aerovironment is providing a discount on their L2 home wall charger for group-buy registrants that want the whole package. Ask your LEAF specialist for details when you visit Town North Nissan. Now let’s cut that price down even further – Austin Energy provides a rebate for 50% of home charger purchase + installation costs, up to $1,500 (total price $3,000). Apply for the rebate.

Home Charger - Nissan Leaf - Electric Car Group Buy

Austin Energy Plug-In EverywhereFor charging on-the-go, Austin Energy offers the Plug-In Everywhere™ network subscription plan that grants unlimited charging at public stations for only $4.17 per month! GreenTech Media rated Austin in the Top 10 EV-Ready Cities because of the comprehensive programs offered and the infrastructure of more than 370 Plug-In Everywhere™ public charging ports.

Combine charging at home and charging on-the-go with Austin Energy’s Time-of-Use Rate that allows you to charge for less when charging during off-peak hours. To ensure Austin is cutting carbon emissions, all Plug-In Everywhere™ public charging stations are powered completely by renewable energy through GreenChoice®, which is backed by 100% wind energy. Choose GreenChoice® to support your home energy use and to power your EV at home!

Be one of the first 10 LEAF purchasers and win a free year of Plug-In Everywhere™ unlimited public charging.

Find more information and register for the EV group-buy at and join CleanTX and the Austin community for the launch party on November 1st at Town North Nissan from 6 – 8 pm. There will be opportunities to learn about EVs and time to take a LEAF for a spin. Enjoy food, drinks, live music, massages, and good company!

Town North Nissan is the participating north nissan austin texas
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