Water RIOT, July Power Lunch Recap

By August 2, 2017Power Lunch

Charlie Upshaw presenting at July Power lunch.

We had an excellent presentation from Dr. Charlie Upshaw on his new company Water RIOT.

America’s water infrastructure is falling apart, and addressing this issue will be one of the defining economic problems of this century (and also hugely expensive). To address this issue, Water RIOT (Water Resiliency with Internet Of Things) is fostering an ecosystem of water-focused ‘internet of things’ (IOT) technology innovation in Central Texas. Water RIOT is bringing together water utilities, researchers, IOT technologists, start-ups, and other stakeholders to spark collaboration and accelerated technology diffusion.

Charlie’s presentation was eye opening in how antiquated our water infrastructure is in the US. He did an excellent job explaining the issues with our water systems that were built two hundred years ago (and designed to last only one hundred years) and how incorporating the internet of things could greatly mitigate these problems. We are excited to see Water RIOT taking off and bringing water and tech industries together to solve these problems.

Missed the presentation? Download the slides: