By Kathleen Baireuther
Executive Director

CleanTX Community,

It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down and school is back in session, but the CleanTX team has been working hard all summer to make sure there is a lot of cleantech fun scheduled for the coming months. Since our full house at Google Fiber for the Clean Cloud Signature Event and the launch of our Economic Impact Report in May, CleanTX has put together a fun and informative Fall lineup including a Signature Event on Solar Business Model Innovation and four Power Lunches that I’m proud to announce and feel confident you’ll enjoy.

If you’re not already a member of CleanTX, this is a great time to consider joining. Signature Events are discounted, Power Lunches are FREE, and we offer a number of discounts through partnership programs (such as 50% off registration for SXSW Eco). Memberships are available for individuals, start-ups, non-profits, and small businesses (under 50 employees).

Want to have your brand on display on our new-and-improved website (set to launch in October!) and at our events? We also have custom annual sponsorship opportunities available that will elevate your brand in conjunction with CleanTX events and communications for the entire year. Our goal is to ensure that a sponsorship addresses your company’s unique needs, so please email me ( if you would like to set up a time to discuss sponsorship options.

Thank you for your ongoing support of CleanTX and for making our industry feel like a community. I look forward to seeing you this Fall at our events!

CleanTX Fall 2015 Lineup

On Tuesday, September 22nd we’re hosting our second Signature Event of 2015: Solar Business Model Innovation. Early Bird Registration is currently open! The evening will begin with cocktails and networking, followed by a robust panel discussion moderated by Clay Butler of The Butler Firm and featuring local experts such as Kate Sherwood of SolarCity, Colin Meehan of First Solar, and Mark Bergert of Meridian Solar, among others.



We also have a fantastic lineup of Power Lunches, including:

Energy Storage in Texas – Applications, Business Models, and Policy Considerations  (September 15th)

Joe Fox, Manager, Business Development, Energy Storage at RES Americas, will provide an overview of energy storage applications, and how energy storage can provide multiple services to utilities including T&D infrastructure, reliability, power quality and renewable integration.  Specific use-cases will be presented as it pertains to applications in Texas including peak power (4CP), renewable integration, and infrastructure deferral. Register Here.


Bringing Big Data Innovations to Water  (October 13th)

One of the greatest challenges we face is making sure there is enough water for our future. Fortunately, university researchers and water utilities are joining forces to solve that challenge. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies, cloud computing and data-intensive field research to accelerate water availability solutions, they’re turning imagination and innovation into a better future. Brewster McCracken (President and CEO) and Scott Hinson (Lab Director) will discuss how Pecan Street, Inc. is pioneering how big data and data-powered commercial innovations can reduce leaks and water loss and expand water availability. Register Here.

Launched in collaboration with Pecan St. Inc. in 2015, ATI’s Water Technology Incubator works with companies commercializing technologies that make the transportation, purification and distribution of water clean, efficient and intelligent. Bart Bohn (IT/Wireless Portfolio) will discuss how ATI will leverage its experience in IT/Wireless + Clean Energy to develop a nationally distinctive Water Technology Incubator in collaboration with Pecan Street’s expanding mission. Register Here.


Green vs. Green – The Realities of Federal Wildlife Law and Renewable Energy Projects (November 10th)

Three federal wildlife laws – Endangered Species Act, Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, and Migratory Bird Treaty Act – can have significant implications for renewable energy projects. Over the last few years, developments under all three laws have played a significant role in project risk management, timing, and cost. This lunch will discuss examples of the types of hurdles investors and developers face specific to federal wildlife. Register Here.


Closing the Loop in Austin (December 8th)

Thanks to promotion from the likes of British royalty in Dame Ellen MacArthur, the term “circular economy” is gaining buzz. What is the circular economy, exactly, and how can it impact Austin businesses? Natalie Betts, the City of Austin’s Recycling Economic Development Liaison, will describe what the City is doing to turn Austin’s zero waste efforts into economic development results, and how these efforts mirror Austin’s clean energy economic development history. She’ll also provide examples of the circular economy in action both locally and in national case studies, and discuss how all businesses can look to the circular economy to improve their efficiency and sustainability. Register Here.


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