Avocado Pits Can Be Converted to Biodegradable Plastic

People always talk about how millennials are eating too much avocado toast. Now, these avocado pits can have a second life as biodegradable plastic! While avocado pits are compostable and can be regrown, they can also be turned into bioplastics and help the environment. A company in Mexico called Biofase is manufacturing biodegradable cutlery and straws made from avocado pits. These bioplastics can be a little more environmentally conscious as most bioplastic at the moment is made from corn. Instead of using a food source like corn, Biofase uses avocado pits.

Mexico produces approximately 300,000 pounds of avocados, which is around 50% of the world’s supply. “Avocado seeds pile up in Mexico like nowhere else in the world, and most end up being burned at landfill sites,” as stated by NowScience. Biofase turns these seeds into bioplastics, and these bioplastics degrade in just 240 days, while regular plastics can take over 100 years to completely break down. One of the biggest issues with this, however, is the cost. Bioplastics can be up to 40% more expensive than regular plastics. Biofase is working hard to get these prices down, as most of the cost can be from importing the goods to create bioplastics. Right now, Biofase has around 17 employees and their facility has a capacity of around 700 tons a month.