Gold membership is designed for companies with an annual revenue greater than 25 million. The cost of a Gold Membership is $3,000 a year. Membership includes:

    • Membership in the largest clean technology and renewable focused nonprofit in Texas
    • Networking opportunities at CleanTX events such as Clean Energy Beers, PowerHour, etc.
    • 1 free ticket to our annual GridNEXT conference
    • Enhanced Industry Profile Published on the CleanTX website
    • Twelve Newsletter Spotlights for your company’s news, upcoming events or job postings
    • Job Postings in the CleanTX Job Portal
    • Social media promotion for your company’s news and events
    • Speaker, panelist and moderator opportunities
    • Blog author opportunities
    • One two-minute company promotional video
    • Free customized name tag for up to five employees

To register as a Gold-level member fill out the form below. To complete payment, please send us an email at for our mailing address to send a company check.