Pecan Street Launches Texas’ First Grid-Connected Vehicle-to-Grid Research and Testing Center

By | Up and Coming Clean Technology

Energy research organization Pecan Street Inc. launched Texas’ first grid-tied vehicle-to-grid (V2G) testing center at its lab in Austin, Texas, turning electric vehicles into a dispatchable load shaving tool for the municipally-owned electric utility, Austin Energy. The V2G testing center is part of Austin SHINES, an Austin Energy project that is testing…

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Dissolvable Batteries: What Could They Mean for Recyclers?

By | Energy Storage + Smart Grid Technologies, Recycling + Waste Management

Batteries have long been a persistent headache for recyclers. They’re fire hazards, hard and expensive to break apart and their worth keeps dropping as cheaper ones evolve with fewer valuable materials. But one Iowa State University researcher has developed a technology that could someday make recyclers’ jobs easier and more…

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New Life for Old Solar Panels

By | Renewables

One large worry that many green energy fanatics have about solar panels is what happens to them after they get decommissioned? Sure, solar power is a great source of renewable energy, but what do we do after a panel is at the end of its warranty, cracked, or damaged? Resell…

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How businesses are keeping food out of the trash: An interview with Austin Resource Recovery

By | Recycling + Waste Management

Office of Sustainability staff sat down with Tom Gleason, Senior Planner at Austin Resource Recovery, to learn more about the organics diversion component of the Universal Recycling Ordinance. The URO requires all food establishments to provide employees with on-site access to strategies to keep food and other organic materials from…

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