Citizens’ Climate Change Forum 2018 at Galvanize in downtown Austin

By January 25, 2018Signature Events

This Tuesday we had the pleasure of hearing Amy Stansbury from Austin EcoNetwork, Zach Baumer from the City of Austin Office of Sustainability and Mike Thompson from Citizens’ Climate Lobby speak at our Citizens’ Climate Change Forum. Each speaker offered an excellent insight in their area of expertise. For example, in Amy’s Civics 101 Workshop, I really enjoyed her tip of saving your City Council Rep’s contact info in your phone so you are ready to call them when an issue of importance to you comes up. It was also very enlightening to hear Zach’s presentation on what the City of Austin is doing about climate change and resiliency to extreme weather, and the city’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. Mike’s presentation on CCL’s Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal was very informative on how to effectively fight climate change on a national level. Be sure to stay in touch with Austin EcoNetwork, the City of Austin Office of Sustainability and Citizens’ Climate Lobby for more developments on fighting climate change at the local, and national level.

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