CleanTX Announces Founding Members of Advisory Board

CleanTX is pleased to announce the ten founding members of the CleanTX Advisory Board. The Advisory Board’s purpose is to align thought leaders across multiple industries that will help CleanTX achieve its mission of accelerating the cleantech industry in Austin, the state of Texas, the region and the nation. 

CleanTX’s Board Chairman, Ryan Edwards, shares his intent with the build out of the CleanTX Advisory Board. Ryan says, “The CleanTX Advisory Board is a key element in achieving the CleanTX mission of accelerating the growth of the cleantech industry in Texas – and now – throughout the United States! Advisory Board members are connectors, influencers, and thought leaders from companies spread all across the country that are expanding the CleanTX footprint in nodal fashion. These accomplished advisers will compliment CleanTX’s efforts in being the leading voice for the cleantech industry and bridging the gap between cleantech companies and customers, community stakeholders, investors, and job seekers. We’re constantly evolving and adapting to industry needs with the inclusion of new Advisory Board members. These Founding Members will be pivotal in setting the tone for a successful expansion and furthering CleanTX’s industry-leading collaboration efforts on best practices for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to mature companies.”  

The ten founding members of the CleanTX advisory board include:

Joseph Kopser, is the Advisory Board Chair. “I’m honored to Chair the inaugural Board of Advisors at CleanTX. When you look at our Advisory Board you will see that we have a cross section of the industry and experience at all levels.  Furthermore, the experiences span academic, non-profit, and the business community. When all three areas work in together, we get more than good policy, we get a great plan of action.”

If you want to contribute to the success of the CleanTX, then please reach out to the Advisory Board Chair, Joseph Kopser (, to get the conversation started.

And for more information about CleanTX or to join the organization as an individual or company member (, contact Executive Director Brandon Cosinteno at



The mission of CleanTX is to accelerate the growth of the cleantech industry in Texas through information exchange, thought leadership, and strategic partnerships. Founded in 2006, CleanTX is the nonprofit economic development and professional association for cleantech in Central Texas, a $2.5 Billion industry that employs 20,000 individuals. The CleanTX community encompasses over 250 companies and an active ecosystem of entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and regional partners.

CleanTX supports cleantech innovation and adoption by: (1) Providing avenues for networking, education, and information exchange among industry and community stakeholders; (2) Facilitating strategic partnerships to launch forward-looking economic development initiatives; and (3) Promoting the growth of the cleantech industry in Texas through increased visibility, thought leadership, access to talent, and connections to local, state and national leaders. Join the CleanTX community –