Our Staff:

Heather Rose

Chief Operations Officer

Heather Rose is a graduate student in Energy and Earth Resources at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a graduate research assistant in the Webber Energy Group. Her research focus is in energy for water treatment. Her research projects include energy for recycling hydroponic wastewater, energy for off-grid treatment and delivery of harvested rainwater, and development of rooftop gardens. Heather is also the Chief Operations Officer of the Austin local nonprofit CleanTX. With CleanTX Heather reaches out to local clean tech companies to speak at CleanTX events, coordinates and runs CleanTX events, and manages member services. Heather is also a musician. She sings, plays guitar and plays out when she can in the local Austin music scene.

Lucia Lian

Marketing Intern

Lucia is a junior at the University of Texas at Austin. She is currently pursuing a double major in Supply Chain Management and Sustainability Studies with a certificate in Applied Statistical Modeling and a minor in Management Information Systems.

Lucia is always eager to learn about new things. She loves to work with others, and is a Teaching Assistant for Management Information Systems at UT.

Our Contributors:

Steven Rosenberg

Social Media

Steven is a social media guru and founder of Green Purpose, LLC is an eco-capitalist enterprise that provides profitable, personalized, and sustainable solutions for commercial businesses to save money while saving the planet. Learn more about his company by visiting www.raceforzerowaste.com

Leo Pozzobon

Special Projects

Leo is a mechanical engineer originally from Caracas, Venezuela. Leo comes from a line of engineers, specializing in grain elevator equipment. He is looking to transition his talents into the clean tech industry.

Amy Stansburry

Featured Author

Amy is an environmental reporter and journalist with a thirst for covering energy and local politics. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the well re-known Austin Eco Network Blog. A New Jersey native, she graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia in 2012 and spent a year working as a staff writer for The Evening Sun in Hanover, PA before moving to Austin in the summer of 2013. She has since fallen in love with the city, its strong environmental ethos, and its commitment to renewable energy and climate protection. (And the weather is not half bad either.)