Community Solar Arrives in Austin!

By January 11, 2018Renewables

This post was written by Amy Stansburry and was originally written for Austin Eco Network on January 11th 2018

About the author:

Amy Stansburry, Editor-In-Chief of the Austin Eco Network

Amy Stansbury is an environmental reporter and journalist with a thirst for covering energy and local politics. A New Jersey native, she graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia in 2012 and spent a year working as a staff writer for The Evening Sun in Hanover, PA before moving to Austin in the summer of 2013. She has since fallen in love with the city, its strong environmental ethos, and its commitment to renewable energy and climate protection. (And the weather is not half bad either.)

She joined the Austin EcoNetwork team in 2014 and has been serving up important environmental news ever since. As Editor-In-Chief, she now runs the EcoNetwork. When she’s not busy doing that, Amy enjoys long runs along Lady Bird Lake and long swims in Barton Springs Pool. She believes in the power of an informed citizenry and encourages everyone she knows to take a break from the internet cat videos every once and a while to read a news article, get educated, and vote, vote, vote! You can contact her by sending an email to