Double for Nothing Signature Event Photos

Last Thursday we had an amazing event featuring speakers Dr. Joshua Rhodes from IdeaSmiths, Caitlin Smith from Invenergy and John Hall from the Environmental Defense Fund. We discussed the findings of CleanTX’s latest report on The Influence of Information Technology on the Energy Mix in Texas. Our speakers provided expert insight on the status of clean energy in Texas from the engineering side, the economics side, the governance and the policy side. Dr. Joshua Rhodes discussed the economics of clean energy and how natural gas is now competing with wind for lowest energy prices. Caitlin Smith discussed the regulatory challenges of integrating storage into the grid. John Hall discussed the importance of electrifying public transportation as the next big challenge to tackling green house gas emissions.

We want to thank all our speakers for taking the time and sharing their knowledge with us. And a big thank you to all who came out to this event!

Video coming soon!