Having come from a family of immigrants of modest means, Derek learned the value of a dollar at a very early age. From his first passbook savings accounts, which prompted regular trips to the local savings and loan, to selling food at his elementary school cafeteria, he always looked for a way to earn and save money. In his teens he began to invest in mutual funds and started to get involved in his family’s finances. But it was when reviewing his grandmother’s accounts that he noticed some unsuitable investments and came to understand that not all financial advisors are obligated to put the needs of their clients first. Personal finance became a passion and immediately out of college he went into the financial services industry.

​Derek founded Syntropy Wealth Management in 2018 after working 23 years for three of the largest nationwide financial services companies; always with a goal of truly providing for the financial needs for his individual clients. For the last 11 years he worked as a wealth

management advisor managing over a $1 billion for nearly 500 households. However, too often sales goals and company directives detracted him from his mission. The realization that being an independent advisor was the only true way to serve his clients led to the creation of Syntropy. As a Registered Investment Advisor, by law, the advisor must act as a fiduciary, meaning they must put the client’s best interest before any other consideration.

In addition to helping clients attain financial freedom, starting his own firm also allowed him to pursue another lifelong passion, environmental conservation. After thorough research he came to believe that one of the most impactful ways to help make the world a better, safer and more sustainable place is to build a green portfolio. He is passionate about financial planning and believes everyone can find the path to financial freedom with the help of a dedicated advisor. Our goal is not only to provide sound investment management but to create greater value by helping to improve the quality of our clients lives, the community around us, and the environment.

Derek is a Certified Financial Planner (learn the benefits of working with a CFP® Professional) and holds FINRA Series 7, 24, 63 & 65. He received his undergraduate B.S. degree from his hometown University of Cincinnati and his M.S. graduate degree from his adopted hometown University of Texas at Austin.

Derek’s other passions are hiking and mountain biking, land restoration, health and wellness promotion, and of course, his lovely wife and three amazing children.