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Emily Roberson McCoy

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Bio:Creative, analytical and over-achieving international business development professional with 10+ years of technology sales experience, an artistic side, and endless energy and passion for sustainability initiatives including clean tech and circular economic pursuits. Business in the front, hippie in the back.


Career Interests: Helping teams build business cases and grow revenue through sustainability programs. I would also be thrilled to find a producer for Phil Perkins’ Spiral into Environmental Awareness.

Derek Eckert

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Bio:As a lifelong lover of all things outdoors the awareness of environmental issues and climate change crisis caught my attention. I decided I had to do my part to help tackle this epidemic. Initially, I considered launching a website, creating an app, starting a non-profit, joining activist groups, etc. before realizing one of the most impactful ways one can take a stand against the companies who have brought about this problem is to join the Divestment movement ( Having spent my career in financial services I was well poised to start a registered investment advisory firm that focuses on ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues.

The last year has brought about a seismic shift in recognizing the grave danger our planet is in. One of the quickest way to get corporations to change their behavior is massive, coordinated divestment. This theory was successfully deployed in the 90’s in South Africa to end Apartheid – it is generally considered the crucial movement that brought about the lasting changes that previously had minimal impact. This is a movement that required millions of people and billions in investment to move these companies to action. To date over $7 trillion has committed to staying out of fossil fuel companies. Due to the high risks, regulatory oversight, mandates to moderate or stop emission, and transformation to a new economy many analysts and economists suggest this an alpha factor (performance enhancing) to any investment portfolio. Client portfolios can be customized to stress each individuals preferences, whether it be simple divestment or focus on renewable and alternative energies. Syntropy Wealth Management is “investing for a brighter future”.

Career Interests: Showing people how clean tech, renewable energy, low carbon companies will not only revolutionize the world but also better position them for better financial outcomes. Companies that solve the world’s problems will soon upend those who created the problems! Syntropy Wealth Management is “investing for a brighter future” for all!

Heather Rose

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Heather Rose is a graduate student in Energy and Earth Resources at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a graduate research assistant in the Webber Energy Group. Her research focus is in energy for water treatment and sustainability. Her research projects include energy for recycling hydroponic wastewater, energy for off-grid treatment and delivery of harvested rainwater, and development of rooftop gardens. Heather is also the Chief Operations Officer of the Austin local nonprofit CleanTX. With CleanTX Heather partners with clean tech companies and thought leaders, coordinates and runs CleanTX events, manages member services and grant funding efforts. Heather is also a musician. She sings, plays guitar and plays out when she can in the local Austin music scene.

Career Interests: Heather is interested in working in the clean tech space, specifically in water and food sustainability. Her interests and experience so far are in managing and treating wastewater onsite, water efficient food systems, and mitigating food waste. Heather is also passionate about food sustainability, promoting local food producers and providing healthy food access to all communities. With climate change upon us, water and food sustainability are going to be major challenges for our society. Heather would love to work towards ensuring sustainable access to food and water for future generations.