New Life for Old Solar Panels

By January 10, 2019 Renewables

One large worry that many green energy fanatics have about solar panels is what happens to them after they get decommissioned? Sure, solar power is a great source of renewable energy, but what do we do after a panel is at the end of its warranty, cracked, or damaged?

Resell Solar Panels

There is now an online market for reselling solar panels. EnergyBin is one of these reselling markets. It is a B2B website that allows companies to buy or sell solar panel components and allows large companies with plethoras of old panels to not only sell these panels but also make a little money along the way. Signing up is free and is great for businesses and even residential owners who want to sell their panels or maybe find a part to fix a panel.

“Freecycle” your panels

“Freecycling” or giving your panels away is another option that solar panel owners can look into. Maybe there are neighbors or family members who could use solar panels for a project, or even need parts from a panel. Some research institutions will also take solar panel donations. This allows solar panels to be used again and free owners of the guilt of letting their solar panels sit in a landfill.

Recycling your solar panels

One can also recycle their solar panels. Up to 90% of a solar panel’s glass and 95% of the semiconductor material can be recycled and reused. Some solar companies such as SunPower and FirstSolar have global recycling programs that allow customers to return their panels. Other options, such as the Cleanlites will allow customers to recycle their panels for a fee.

Donate Solar Panels for Missionary Work

Son Solar IncFinally, while solar panels might be at the end of their warranty, that doesn’t mean that they no longer function. While these solar panels have become less efficient, they are still useable, and Working for the Sun Solar will take them. They save old solar panels from landfills and repurpose them on small off-grid and grid tie systems.