Power Hour with AWG Technology

By December 12, 2017CleanTX Events

We had an excellent Power Hour with Moses West from AWG Technology. Moses gave an excellent presentation, highlighting that climate change is headed in a direction of higher humidity, making Atmospheric Water Technology a very practical source for potable water in the future. One point I hadn’t considered prior to Moses’ presentation was that the higher the humidity the less power required for his device to convert this humidity into potable water. In areas with very high humidity levels, such as many parts of Texas, this technology could easily run on renewable energy and work as an additional source of potable water!

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AWG5000 Unit, Advanced atmospheric water generator with low power consumption. Engineered to produce up to 2,200 gallons of water a day.

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Moses West is also the founder of the Water Rescue Foundation, a non-profit that builds and sends these AWG units to people around the world in need of clean water. In December 2017 Moses will be traveling to Puerto Rico to assemble AWG units around the island to provide clean water to Puerto Ricans affected by Hurricane Maria.

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