Utility Classroom is the perfect way to learn about clean energy and the electric utility industry in a single day

Everyone knows that Texas is big.  In the United States, when you think energy leadership, Texas is really big.  And when you think clean energy, technology, & innovation, Texas is also big.  It generates more energy from wind than any other state and has a growing investment in solar energy.  Texas universities incubate a large amount of investment in innovation and support of the clean energy and cleantech sector.  This means jobs, economic growth, and  leadership for Texas.  In fact, just in central Texas, the cleantech sector is responsible for more than $2.5B of Austin’s economy and more than 20,000 jobs.

Many of us in the CleanTX community work in clean tech, but aren’t quite sure how the electric utility industry actually works. Utility Classroom is the perfect way to fill in those gaps of knowledge, to give it’s students an advantage amongst their peers, helping them to excel in their area of clean tech. In the Utility Classroom you’ll work with 30 year veterans of the electric utility industry. They will simplify your understanding of the clean energy & electric utility industries through a different kind of classroom training experience that brings clarity to a complex set of topics in an enjoyable workshop setting. You’ll find compelling visuals, engaging instructors, supportive discussions, along with networking opportunities.

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