Water RIOT at 3-Day Startup in April. Sign Up by March 30th!

Water RIOT , or Water Resiliency with Internet of Things, fosters an ecosystem of water technology innovation in Central Texas to provide resiliency to our water systems by incorporating internet of things technologies. Water RIOT is accomplishing this goal by bringing together water utilities, water researchers, IOT technologists, start-ups, and other stakeholders to spark collaboration and accelerated technology diffusion.

The Water RIOT program at the Austin Technology Incubator is putting on a 3 Day Startup event in Houston April 13-15, and are encouraging students/teams with water and environmental-related ideas to apply (though it is not a requirement).

The event is a hands-on entrepreneurship education program led by 3 Day Startup, which focuses on teaching startup skills and methods through real-world application.   They are especially encouraging teams with water-related startup ideas, so it is perfect for any  students who have thought about a business idea and/or want to ‘test the waters’ of entrepreneurship.  This 3DS is not limited to students, so please tell any friends/colleagues who might be interested!

This is meant to be an educational experience, and teaches other great skills such as effective communication (elevator pitching ideas), identifying the ‘customer,’ and incorporation of feedback.  There are some actual companies that launch out of 3DS too, so if an idea is gets a lot of traction, there is the real potential to launch a company.


Learn more about 3-Day StartUp,

Including the Sign Up sheet at: http://sustainablewater.3daystartup.org