One of CleanTX’s initiatives is to advance the Clean Tech Industry in Texas through thought leadership. Collaborating with researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and corporate sponsors, we publish white papers that explore different spaces of the clean tech industry. These reports dive deep into different sectors of the industry and reveal trends and projections on where they are headed.

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The Influence of Information Technology on the Energy Mix in Texas

Released January 2019

This report examines the impacts of information technologies (IT) on carbon emissions
and electricity price in electricity markets. Specifically, this report focuses on the role IT
played in enabling the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ (ERCOT) transition to a nodal
market, the subsequent impacts on the penetration of renewable energy, and the
resulting effects on carbon emissions and electricity prices. In summary, IT and data have
been core enablers in this transition.

Prepared by CleanTX, IdeaSmiths LLC and Dell Technologies

Economic Impact of the Austin Area Cleantech Sector

Released May 2015

This project, commissioned by CleanTX and supported by the Austin Technology Incubator, part of the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas at Austin, and Civic Analytics, represents the first attempt at describing and quantifying the clean technology (cleantech) sector in Central Texas.

Prepared by CleanTX, Civic Analytics and the Austin Technology Incubator