Why Donate?

CleanTX aims to provide regular networking events and opportunities for companies in clean tech to share their work with the community. The network we’ve built over the past thirteen years has connected thousands of people in clean tech in the Austin-metro area and across the state of Texas.

To make all this happen, we must pay our staff for their time and pay for professional services to keep the ecosystem thriving. We greatly appreciate your considering a financial donation and look forward to seeing you at our next event.

You can also mail donations to:

PO Box 200273
Austin, TX 78720

In addition to donations, CleanTX is also supported and funded through membership.

CleanTX members have unique access to our network of hundreds of companies in the clean tech space in Texas. Members also receive brand promotion through our social media channels, and the opportunity to speak at Power Hour and Signature Events. CleanTX members also have the opportunity to post their news, upcoming events, and job postings in our newsletter that spans thousands of emails in the Austin-metro area.

Rather than a donation, if you would prefer to join CleanTX as a member, please visit our membership page for more information.